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BeerVisits is an attempt to do something a little different from other beer and pub websites. We want to showcase the very best pubs, brew pubs, breweries and cider places, in the world, nothing less! It is not a ratings site; we think they are too open to abuse and unjustified self promotion. Beer scores are not required as we want only the Crème de la Crème to be included. That is ethos of BeerVisits, but there is more....

Every submission is in the form of an article, not unlike that you might find in a magazine. Photographs are very important as we wish to convey a positive impression of what is was like visiting the pub, bar or other location and what makes them special. With older properties we will include past history and with newer places possibly some background on how they were set up, and why. Some articles are longer than others; this reflects the amount of information or photographic opportunities available to the author at the time of visiting.

This site is about beer above all, so although good food is important, we don't provide detailed descriptions; nor will we give details of complaints about poor food service or cooking. Yet, it is fine to mention fine food in brief; after all it is often the reason for a visit. And, frankly, if the beer service in a place was so bad it needed to be commented on then it shouldn't be on this site. However, it is appreciated that just one visit cannot necessarily produce a complete picture so there are a few articles that ask for a second opinion, or more, in further submissions.

It is hoped that, over time, the articles will build into a guide that can be used should you wish to visit a particular location, town or city for advance information. To enable this, we list by country then state, province or county (if necessary), followed by the location then the name of the pub, brewery or whatever. Of course, you can just browse, a virtual pub crawl, if you like! Naturally, your comments specifically about articles or in general are very welcome. Please use the "Contact us" page.

Within reason, the specific beers and tasting notes of those tried, are included. Although this can be a bit of a list and not interesting to some readers, it is easy to skip when reading. We think it gives a good idea of the range and types of beers a pub/bar might offer, even though they could be different on a further visit. The tasting notes are entirely representative of the author's opinions at the time of visit.

We do not condone drink-driving in any shape or form, although we do realise that the laws in parts of the USA are somewhat different to those in Europe and other places in the world. In respect of this, each article contains details of how to get to a pub or brewery by public transport. Of course, there will be some where it is not possible to provide this information, as there aren't any trains or buses, however that will not exclude them. We want the best, wherever they are.

A note on beer dispenses; we strongly believe that the traditional and usual method in a country is the yardstick for determining the norm for articles in BeerVisits. We are all strong supporters of, and are involved in, CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Thus, in the UK it is cask-conditioned ales that are what we want to feature in the articles. We are not interested in keg beers, even if they are produced by small brewers. After over forty years of campaigning against keg ales in the UK we are firmly of the opinion that they have no place in the marketplace of Great Britain.

Throughout the rest of the world keg beers are normal, with a few exceptions. So the "When in Rome" principle applies. Naturally, should we encounter cask beers in North America and Ireland, it is important that it is mentioned. I have trial-tested cask against keg on otherwise identical beers over twenty different times in the USA and the cask versions always win out for flavour and enjoyment. Also, if there are beers from wooden or ersatz-wooden barrels in Germany, or tank and/or unpasteurized beers in the Czech Republic we will emphasise these simply because they taste better.

You are invited to submit articles. We definitely need them as most so far have been written by myself. It would be nice to have some balance with some possibly written in a different style. Please refer to the "Contribute to BeerVisits" page.

Finally, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to award-winning webmaster Keith Johnson for his ability to make this all possible in the first instance, and for the continual assistance along the way. Also, great thanks to Linda Clarke, Administrator, for being able to transfer my ramblings to positive entries on the web. Lastly, gratitude is given to the CAMRA Swale Branch for allowing me a lot more time for travelling, writing, and enabling me to fulfil this long-held ambition.

Bob Thompson, Administrator.

BeerVisits makes no representations, guarantees, or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, or suitability of the information provided via this website. If in doubt, please check with the appropriate establishment before travelling.

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